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Why look for property on Delivering Homes?

Delivering Homes Ltd has been established to offer prospective clients and house hunters the possibility to find their dream property either for investment or as their home from wherever they are thanks to the online property listing website

Although there are a number of platforms from where people can buy or rent properties in Malta, in this blog post we show why one should choose Delivering Homes Ltd and what the benefits of it are.

Easy search

It has been established that around 90% of house hunters search for properties on the internet. Rather than looking around in different online platforms and groups, was created to be the go-to platform for everything related to property, providing a list of for rent and for sale properties, all under one roof. This allows you to compare prices easily.

Available free of charge

This property listing website is completely free of charge for anyone accessing it. Buyers have to contact the sellers themselves through the same platform just by creating a one-time free account which is easy to setup to be able to communicate with others.

Direct and immediate contact with seller

From the first time you’ll click on a listed property, you will immediately know whether the property has been listed either by the owner itself or by an agent, providing full transparency as should be. This allows house hunters to decide whether or not to proceed with contacting the seller as buyers will be fully aware of whether there will be any costs charged for the agent’s work.

Straight to the point

Since the main aim of this website is to be similar to a craigslist, no images are allowed to be uploaded on the portal. Although some might argue that this is a disadvantage, it can actually turn out to be more helpful as people can go through the list and see whether the brief description, price and town or village are what they looking for. Sellers can also provide a website link so if people are interested in that property, they can be provided more information and images about it.

Interested to know what properties are listed for sale?

All properties can be found here:

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