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Dog-proofing your home

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Having a new member in the house can change your life overnight, especially if you’re giving a new home to a pet. Dog-proofing a house is as equally important as baby-proofing a house as there might be some items in your entire home, garden or garage that are hazardous to these loyal creatures.

Keep dangerous food and drinks out of sight

Since not all dog dangers are obvious, dog owners should be attentive to have all rooms in the house as safe as possible especially the kitchen where dogs can easily find toxic food for them such as chocolate, avocados, garlic, alcohol and nuts. But don’t worry too much, it is quite easy to take care of the most potential hazards to animals! In fact, you just need to keep this rule in mind: Keep any dangerous food and drink or anything small that can be swallowed by your dog out of the way.

Look from a dog’s point of view

Another tip that many don’t think about is to try to look around the house from a dog’s point of view to see what can be easily reachable or tempting for the dog; depending on its size and breed which many times determines the dog’s character. This is directly linked to how tidy the house is. The more stuff you store away safely, the less the chance of the dog grabbing or eating something that it’s not supposed to eat.

Toilet paper rolls?

We may have all seen television adverts featuring a dog advertising toilet paper. Although such dogs are super cute, they might not be as handsome and quiet when they’re close to one or more rolls of toilet paper. There’s a difference between expectations and reality and when it comes to these four-legged friends and toilet paper, this is one clear example where reality is nowhere close to your expectation.

What else?

Other similar items that you should avoid keeping close to these playful house members are newspapers and anything that can be found in the laundry basket, mostly socks! Although these don’t harm your dog, they will surely ruin your picture-perfect image of an adorable dog in your house. But in the end, everyone knows that you’ll still just end up pitying those puppy eyes!

Hazardous items

Some of the things that are dangerous to us humans if not handled properly, are also hazardous to the four-legged family member. Items that are highly hazardous to dogs are obviously cleaning items as well as any poison that you can put in any outdoor area to avoid any rats or mice coming close by.

Although dog-proofing a home might sound like a lot of work, once you’ve got the hand of it, it will become very easy and spontaneous to remove anything that should not be kept in the reach of children.

We wish you the best of luck and a wonderful journey ahead with your new fluffy friend!              

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