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Christmas at home

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Did you buy cookies, hang stockings and setup your Christmas tree? If not, these are the final days during which you can prepare your home just in time for Christmas!

This festive season has different meanings for everyone, bringing different emotions, however today we will be sharing some information to make sure that those who enjoy celebrating Christmas have everything ready especially if hosting family and friends at home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Here are our last-minute tips:

Don’t stick to green and red

Green and red are the most colours linked to Christmas, however if you want to provide a different feeling at the table, try decorating with non-traditional colours such as gold.

Give your best wishes

Christmas time is all about sharing and caring for one another. Wish your guests all the best for the festive season in the most creative ways such as on decorative cushions.

Decorate with nuts and candles

Candles give your home a warm feeling. Create a better winter Christmas atmosphere by putting candles in a vase and by placing seasoned nuts and cranberries in a vase.

Stock your bar

Mulled wine and spirits also help creating a wintery atmosphere. Make sure that you have your bar stocked up before welcoming guests at home. Remember do not drink and drive!

Don’t forget the wood!

What creates a better cosy feeling than a fireplace? If you have a fireplace, don’t forget to buy wood to light it up!

Finally, above all, if you have little ones at home, don’t forget to clean your fireplace’s chimney and leave a cup of milk together with a plate full of cookies for Santa Claus on Monday 24th.

We take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a joyful Christmas and a happy new year! We will be back in January with more blog posts.

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