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How to save on energy bills

Everyone wants to receive less expensive energy bills but at times it seems that not everyone does an effort for this to happen. With a little effort and less carelessness at home, and at times adding a one-off expense, one could easily see the benefits, while at the same time being environmentally-friendly and contributing to a healthier planet.

Light bulbs

If you have a minimum of 5 rooms at home, you have a minimum of 5 light bulbs in the house. We all know that we don’t just put one light bulb in every room especially in the modern plots with gypsum ceilings and large open plans. Just make sure that you buy and use energy-saving bulbs. These use approximately 25%-80% less energy, while lasting between 3-25 times longer.


Modern buildings that have been built in the past few years must have energy performance certificates. If your home has been built before these certificates were being issued and you might not have insulation protecting your exterior, just start by adding insulation. This will remove excessive heat and cold from entering your home, making it fresh and cool in summer and cosy in winter. This will help you decrease the amount of energy used throughout the year.

Solar panels

Another way of saving money is by investing in solar panels. Although solar panels might be an expensive investment, grants are available to help you buy them. This expense is totally worth it as you will enjoy reduced energy bills for the rest of your life.

Turn off your computer

Not every measure includes expenses. One of the easiest and cost-free is turning off your computer when you’re not using it. Although you might not shut down your computer as it goes into sleeping mode automatically, it will still be using up energy.

Shady refrigerators

If your kitchen is found in a naturally well lit up location in your home, make sure that the refrigerator is placed in a shady corner. Putting your fridge in the sunlight will automatically force it to work harder to keep itself cool.

Use extension leads
Your home’s energy consumption can be also be easily reduced by up to 15% if you use multi-socket extension leads and turning it off when not in use.

With a little effort, everyone can benefit from reduced energy bills. One of the above tips on its own can already make a difference … imagine implementing more than one together!

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