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Last minute tips: Valentine’s night

Many are those who consider Valentine’s Day as another commercial celebration rather than a celebration of love as loving gestures should be expressed daily. In fact, many are those who don’t book a table for two at a restaurant or buy the obvious gifts and send flowers and cards to their better half.

If you are one of these persons but as the day goes by, your better half is dropping hints about Valentine’s day and you’re feeling slightly guilty that you haven’t prepared anything yet, then you’re reading the perfect article. Our own cupid is sending you some love to receive even more love tonight! And yes …. You’re still on time, you just need a little motivation.

Home cooked dinner

Although it may sound cliché or you’re not the best cook, you can always make it an interesting and fun night by challenging your better half to do a kitchen cook off. Pick up some ingredients from the store after work for both of you and come up with a creative dish. You don’t need to aim for something fancy, a homemade pizza would be fine. You can always buy a ready cooked meal just in case it doesn’t turn the way you want it to be.

Set a romantic atmosphere

Light up some candles or buy a few if you don’t have any at home and select a fine bottle of wine that both of you would enjoy.

Watch a movie

Find a movie ideal to be watched on Valentine’s day to continue setting the perfect atmosphere that your partner would love.

Dinner under the stars

If this is too much of a hassle for you or you don’t have your own place yet, opt for something easier. If the weather permits, buy a ready cooked meal, prepare a blanket and cushions, pick up your better half and choose a quiet location where you can enjoy eating your meal while admiring the stars. What better way to ending a busy day than this?

Want something easier?

If this is still too much for you as you don’t like celebrating such occasions at all, just opt for something simple and surprise your better half with a spa or massage gift to enjoy it during his/her own time.

We hope that this article gave you some last-minute ideas on how to save Valentine’s Day. And Oh! If you’re reading this article and you’re one of those who will be popping the question today, we can start the process of your new life way easier than you think. Check out our property listings by agents and owners:

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