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Solving damp issues

Wet winters especially in Malta’s climate that has high humidity levels can result in undesirable home problems such as damp and mould. Although many are those who associate these problems just with wet winters, it is to be noted that such problems are also linked to the upcoming warm months of summer.

How does mould form?

Mould occurs whenever moisture is present in the atmosphere, resulting in condensation on cold surfaces. For instance, if windows in cold and unheated rooms are kept close in winter due to the cold or rainy weather, then there is the possibility that the moisture that is present in the atmosphere will result in mould. That is why it is always advisable to at least try and keep some windows ajar.

Grey or greenish patches are most commonly found in room corners and on the ceiling, especially in bathrooms and in laundry rooms where steam fills the rooms, either after a hot bath or shower, after drying clothes in a thumble dryer or even by drying clothes inside in winter on a clothes horse.


Untreated mould can have serious consequences on the property, both on material found in the property such as wood, paint, wallpaper and facbrics, and on the structure itself, such as stonework. Apart from causing such damage, exposure to damp and mouldy environments can also mean that there are health risks associated to the people living in that property such as itchy eyes, throat and skin irritation and nasal stuffiness.


Adequate ventilation and appropriate heating can help prevent mould from occuring at home and prevent the above mentioned damages or risks. Although this might be quite challenging for Malta when compared to other countries that have central heating systems in place or even heated floors, never the less, there are still some things that can be done to help prevent mould:
– Open a window in the drying room when the tumble dryer is on
– Install a dehumidifer
– Clean water off the shower walls immediately after a hot bath or shower
– Fix any leaks
– Use mold-resistant paint when paiting any rooms
– Install insulation in walls (if possible)

We hope that this article will help you solve any mould problems that you might be facing at home or gave you the right tips to prevent any future occurrences of mould.

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