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How to sell your property faster

When a property is put on the market, there is an obvious future transaction between the seller and a buyer. However, what is not so obvious is the time taken to sell the property. Some are lucky enough to sell it immediately, but others might find it more challenging to sell their property quick.

If you are a person in the latter position, we have combined our experience with some research to provide you the following tips that will help you accelerate the selling process.

When promoting the property:
– Promote your house directly on social media
– List your property on
– Send the listing post to your friends and family to share

Before welcoming interested buyers:
– De-clutter any things that can be easily seen by the visitors
– Trash the stuff that you never use
– Make sure that your house is maintained well and you carried out the necessary works before putting it on the market

When welcoming interested buyers:
– Turn the lights and open the curtains
– Set the right temperature – the house shouldn’t be kept too cold or too warm
– Give them a warm welcome
– Show-off your house by switching on any special features at home such as fireplaces, fountains, jacuzzi, etc.
– Give visitors some alone time so that they can discuss anything they want in privacy

As one expects, viewers will have questions that they would like to ask you so pre-empt what information they might be looking for such as information directly related to your home and other information such as close amenities. It’s important to answer any questions that the viewers might ask you truthfully and most importantly, don’t put pressure on them to give you their final decision there and then.

We are here to help you sell your property fast. We provide sellers with the opportunity to list their property for free. Such listing can be uploaded by the owner or agent and will be available for a year, unless the seller decides to remove it before then.

Since our property listings website is aimed to be a craigslist, we don’t allow any pictures to be uploaded, however sellers can insert links that direct the user to other sites where photos of the property can be found. More information about the functions of our website can be found here:

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