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About Delivering Homes

Delivering Homes Ltd is your new go to online place for anything related to property. The website has two main functions. You can browse for free properties listed to buy or rent, and you can list for free your own properties to let or to sell. You can do this freely, be it if you are a direct owner, a direct purchaser, a broker, an agent, or a contractor. You only need to register once. Our website has been designed keeping simplicity in mind for the ease of use for everyone and is free of charge.

The team behind Delivering Homes has been working in the property industry for many years and has built a solid reputation in the sector through integrity and professionalism. This website is our ultimate project and our main aim is to have one solid platform for anyone looking to purchase, sell, rent or lease property. The site is born out of the need to modernise and simplify the search for a property under one roof, filling gaps lefts by others in the market. We’ve built several functionality features and made a cool, modern and smooth navigation to make sure it’s easy for anyone who wishes to use the service of the website.

As marketing and internet specialists in the property industry we aim to become the fastest growing and most trusted company in the online real estate space in Malta. Our mission is to simplify real estate for everyone by helping you buy, sell, rent, and lease your home and property in a quick, smart and easy way.

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