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Tips for foreign nationals looking to rent or buy a new home in Malta

If you are looking to move to Malta, but not sure how, here are some of the things you need to think about as a foreign national planning to relocate. There are all sorts of reasons why people need to move, but whether you are relocating for business purposes, a new job, or personal reasons, […]

A kid-friendly home

How easy is it to have a kid-friendly home? This article will give you some tips that you can keep as a checklist to make sure that your home interior is ideal for your little bundle of joy who might be quite an explorer, especially once s/he starts crawling or walking. Avoid sharp edges Avoid […]

Why you should move to Malta

New job opportunities? Retirement? Malta is not just a popular holiday destination but also an ideal country to settle in, whether you were offered a job over here or you are planning to retire. We have compiled a mixed list of facts and personal opinions on why you should choose Malta as your new home. […]

Are you moving? Here’s your checklist!

Buying a new property is one of the most exciting milestones but the process involved in moving might not be as exciting as it sounds especially if you live a busy lifestyle. Moving into a new property isn’t just about moving furniture from one house to another but there’s a never-ending list of things to […]

Relocation in Malta for offices and business

Thinking of bringing your business to Malta, or wondering why others are doing so? The truth is that many of the perks of relocating to Malta are not necessarily tied to business. There is more than one reason why people are attracted to the prospect of moving to Malta. The climate is agreeable all year […]

Buying property in the charming island of Gozo

During this month, many people influx our sister island, Gozo, to spend some well-deserved quality time with family and friends close to the beach and away from the noisy Maltese roads. Although in August, Gozo is not as quiet as in other months such as in winter, these days still allow people to stop and […]

Why rent property?

As time goes by, more people are opting to rent property rather than buying. This can be due to a lot of factors, particularly high home loans due to an increase in property prices. Although one might think that renting is only linked to disadvantages such as that the owner can kick you out of […]

Constructing or completing your first home?

Home owners who are constructing and/or completing or even rehabilitating their first home can apply for a grant that’s offered by the Maltese Housing Authority as a compensation of expenditure in respect of the costs incurred to carry out the necessary works. This scheme is applicable to all home owners in Malta, both Maltese citizens […]

Home away from home

An average worker spends at least 8 hours a day working at the office, with the remaining hours of the day running errands, catching up with family and friends, cooking a nice meal and maybe relax before they call it a day and wake up to another working day. This makes it important to create […]

How to sell your property faster

When a property is put on the market, there is an obvious future transaction between the seller and a buyer. However, what is not so obvious is the time taken to sell the property. Some are lucky enough to sell it immediately, but others might find it more challenging to sell their property quick. If […]

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