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Moving logistics

Moving into a new home requires a lot of thinking and planning especially when it comes to transporting furniture and personal belongings that you certainly cannot live without. We know that although it is an exciting period, many people dread the moment that they have to pick up all their belongings and move them to […]

What to consider before buying a property

No one wants to make any mistakes, big or small when purchasing one of the most expensive assets in life. Today we are presenting you with some tips that you have to keep in mind when buying a property to help you avoid any mistakes as even a small mistake can cost large! Know your […]

Is your home ready to welcome the hottest season as much as you are?

Summer has arrived! It’s actually just one week away… Is your home ready to welcome the hottest season out of four? This time of year certainly requires some chores that will help you feel that summer will be less warm than the actual temperature. Here are some of the chores that need to be done […]

Financial aid for an important milestone

Buying a new home is a big financial milestone in anyone’s life that brings with it multiple expenses, sacrifices and stressful moments. Who wouldn’t appreciate any type of financial aid to have less costs to worry about when in the process of buying the dream home? Last October (2017), the Maltese Government extended the first […]

Different types of properties in Malta – Part 2

In our last blog post we shared with you information about the three most property types that the majority of house hunters are currently after. Today we will be mentioning other types of property that are considered to be on the elite side. Villa Swimming pools, pool decks, landscaped gardens and barbecue spaces are mostly […]

Different types of properties in Malta 

In a total of 316 km2, one can find different property types in the islands of Malta and Gozo from the popular apartments that are found in most parts of both islands to the exclusive villas with swimming pools, pool decks and barbecue spaces, just to mention a few. In today’s blog post we will […]

Why should you list your property on

We know that there are a number of platforms locally where anyone can list or buy properties but the aim of establishing was to fill in the gaps left by others in order to make one’s selling or buying experience more comfortable and easy. That’s why we want this platform to be the first […]

Maltese Property Market is relatively stable

Residential property prices in Malta have been on the rise for a number of years but it seems that they’re not increasing as fast as they used to be and Malta’s property market is now relatively stable. Official statistics from the National Statistics Office show that the Property Price Index for transactions involving apartments, maisonettes […]

Welcome to Delivering Homes

Welcome to our property listing website at 0% fees whatsoever. This free and neutral platform, with its main focus points being simplified real estate and 0% commission, was launched in late October 2017 to act as a platform for anyone who wants to sell or rent out their property, and for anyone looking to buy […]

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