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Top localities For Sale

Our property listing website has been established for over a year, during which months it has seen hundreds of property listings from different localities across Malta and Gozo. Currently trending are five top localities, only one of which, Mosta, was featured as a top locality ever since. The current top localities that are listed on […]

Solving damp issues

Wet winters especially in Malta’s climate that has high humidity levels can result in undesirable home problems such as damp and mould. Although many are those who associate these problems just with wet winters, it is to be noted that such problems are also linked to the upcoming warm months of summer. How does mould […]

Spring feeling at home

We are finally getting closer to more sunlight and an extended day as spring is now literally around the corner. This upcoming season is the best time of the year to start working on home improvements that couldn’t be carried out during the autumn and winter seasons. Spring cleaning is not just a thoroughly used […]

House hunting? Here are some tips

Buying a house is one of the important milestones in life that comes after substantial planning, budgets, sacrifices and undoubtedly house hunting! Although house hunting might be fun, it is often described as a stressful period especially if you’re buying a property with your partner and not on your own, where different tastes, likings and […]

Last minute tips: Valentine’s night

Many are those who consider Valentine’s Day as another commercial celebration rather than a celebration of love as loving gestures should be expressed daily. In fact, many are those who don’t book a table for two at a restaurant or buy the obvious gifts and send flowers and cards to their better half. If you […]

Tax on Residential Income

Individuals or companies who rent out immovable property both for residential and commercial purposes can opt for a 15% final tax rate that cannot be claimed back. The yearly deadline for such tax benefit is in April, as it is four months following the end of the year in which the rental income was derived. […]

How to save on energy bills

Everyone wants to receive less expensive energy bills but at times it seems that not everyone does an effort for this to happen. With a little effort and less carelessness at home, and at times adding a one-off expense, one could easily see the benefits, while at the same time being environmentally-friendly and contributing to […]

Christmas at home

Santa Claus is coming to town! Did you buy cookies, hang stockings and setup your Christmas tree? If not, these are the final days during which you can prepare your home just in time for Christmas! This festive season has different meanings for everyone, bringing different emotions, however today we will be sharing some information […]

Dog-proofing your home

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Having a new member in the house can change your life overnight, especially if you’re giving a new home to a pet. Dog-proofing a house is as equally important as baby-proofing a house as there might be some items in your entire home, garden or garage that are hazardous to these loyal creatures. Keep dangerous […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of being a property owner

If you are currently house hunting but you’re not sure whether you should actually buy a property or rent one, here are some pros and cons about being a property owner to help you make the right decision for you. Advantages Tax incentives The tax benefits offered by the Government for 1st time and 2nd […]

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